Allied Status Request by an Agency or Organization


This policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for granting Allied Status to a non-University organization.


This policy applies to University units that wish to sponsor, for Allied Status, non-University organizations, such as government agencies and commercial, professional, technical, and public service organizations, located in the Champaign-Urbana community.


The Office of Corporate Relations (OCR) manages the process for obtaining Allied Status. Requests for Allied Status are submitted by OCR to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research for final approval.


Allied Status may be granted to a governmental organization, a professional/technical/public service organization, or a commercial organization. Commercial Allied Status is limited to private companies located in the University of Illinois Research Park. Individuals do not qualify for Allied Status. Members or employees of organizations granted Allied Status may share in the benefits accorded or avail themselves of the services made available by the University to that Allied Organization, but in no event will any type of tuition or fee waiver be conferred upon employees of an Allied Organization.


Allied Status means recognition by the University that a governmental, professional/technical/public service, or commercial organization has a cooperative and beneficial relationship with a sponsoring University unit.

Allied Commercial Organization means a private company located in the University of Illinois Research Park.

Allied Governmental Organization means a federal, state, or local governmental agency directly associated with the University that supports specific aspects of the University’s program and located in the Champaign-Urbana community.

Allied Organization means an organization that has been granted Allied Status.

Allied Professional/Technical/Public Service Organization means a professional, technical, or public service organization located in the Champaign-Urbana community that contributes directly to a University program.

Benefits mean access to certain University services and benefits granted to Allied Organizations and their employees, depending upon the Allied Organization’s relationship to the University’s educational programs, its proximity to the campus, and the availability of the services and benefits.

University Related Organizations means specific legal entities that are separate from the University yet related for financial reporting purposes. The University currently has seven UROs.


  1. Requesting Allied Status. The sponsoring unit at the University initiates a request for Allied Status for an organization on a form that may be obtained from the Office of Corporate Relations by calling (217) 244-3606. The sponsoring unit forwards the completed request form to the Office of Corporate Relations.
  1. Eligibility Criteria for Allied Status.
    • The organization must be sponsored and supported by a University unit based on a cooperative and beneficial relationship between the organization and the sponsoring unit.
    • The sponsoring unit must justify the need for the Allied Status benefits to be accorded to the organization and must identify discretionary funds under its control that it will use to meet the University’s cost of providing the benefits to the organization.
    • All Research Park companies are eligible to be sponsored by the Director of the Research Park, with associated costs managed as part of the Research Park budget.
    • Allied services and benefits will not be granted to an organization that already receives funding for the services or benefits that the University would provide under Allied Status.
  1. Approval Process. The staff in the Office of Corporate Relations will notify the requesting organization, the sponsoring unit, and units providing services when the request for Allied Status has been approved.
  1. A schedule of benefits available is provided at Schedule of Benefits for Allied Organizations. All benefits will not be extended automatically to all Allied Organizations but benefits will be determined by agreement between the Allied Organization, the sponsoring unit, and the Office of the Chancellor


University Related Organizations are not covered by this policy.