Academic Retroactive Salary Increases and Salary Minima for Certain Academic Employees

Salary policies for academic professional administrative employees and academic employees with “visiting” or “adjunct” in their titles.

Retroactive Salary Increases

The State will not permit the University to make retroactive salary adjustments except in certain circumstances. The policy regarding this matter is as follows:

A salary increase may become effective at the beginning of a pay period only if final approval, as evidenced by a fully approved change of status form, is obtained prior to the first of the month in which the increase is paid. Therefore, if a salary increase is to be effective on October 21, the final approval, on the change of status form, must be obtained prior to November 1, for the increase to be paid on November 21. If the deadline for processing a salary increase is tight, the papers should be flagged with RUSH – Salary Increase and all offices will process the papers as top priority, but such handling must be limited to exceptional circumstances.

Exceptions to the retroactive salary increase policy are possible in cases when a staff member’s duties and responsibilities change and the specific date on which the change occurred can be clearly determined.

Salary Minima for Academic Professional Employees for Faculty Ranks Provided for by Statute but not Formally Listed in the Salary Minima Table

Appointments for academic professional employees must be made at a salary which is no less than the minima set for 9-month appointments or for 11-month appointments. These are the minima adhered to for research associates and represent absolute minima only, not suggested starting salaries. There are no other minima associated with academic professional employees.

With regard to teaching associates, lecturers, and those positions which utilize “visiting” and “adjunct” in the title, the minima for teaching associates are the same as those for research associates; for lecturers, the minima for instructors apply. In the cases where “visiting” and “adjunct” are utilized in the title, and minima for the regular ranks are utilized (i.e., visiting assistant professor corresponds with assistant professor).

Please contact the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Human Resources, (217) 333-3075, for specific information regarding salary minima.