Employment Agencies

Contacts with private employment agencies to obtain applicants for nonacademic positions require prior approval of the Staff Human Resources Office.

Private employment agencies should only be utilized for obtaining applicants for nonacademic positions after all other resources have been exhausted and the approval of the Staff Human Resources Office has been obtained. The centralization of this responsibility in the Staff Human Resources Office is necessary to avoid inadvertent violations of the Civil Service Statute.

The problem arises when a department deals directly with an outside organization or agency and secures job applicants without filing an employee requisition with the Staff Human Resources Office. Interviews with prospective employees obtained through such sources constitute pre-screening of applicants and are contrary to Civil Service rules.

Campus affirmative action requirements may also be negated by avoidance of the appropriate hiring process. It should be pointed out that the Civil Service Statute prohibits an applicant from being required to pay a fee for the purpose of obtaining an appointment under the System.

All staff members who are involved in the employment of nonacademic staff should be aware of the policy.

Further questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Staff Human Resources Office, (217) 333-3109.