Service in Excess of 100 Percent for Academic Employees

No person employed on a full-time basis on the instructional or academic administrative staffs of the University shall be assigned additional duties within the University for which additional compensation is to be paid, without prior approval of the Campus.

According to the University Statutes, Article IX, Academic and Administrative Staff, Section 5c, Services Rendered to the University:

“Full-time employees shall not receive compensation for services with the University in excess of a normal schedule except for a reasonable amount of instruction in continuing education and public service programs or for the grading of special examinations (outside regular course work) stipulated by the University, all to be done at a time that does not conflict with other university duties. Exceptions may be made to this rule in special cases which are approved by the dean of the college of which the employee is a member provided that if such additional payments exceed a nominal amount the advance approval of the chancellor should be secured. These exceptions shall be held to a minimum.”

The campus guidelines for seeking exceptions, as permitted by the Statutes, are outlined below:

  • Prior written approval is required for all service in excess of 100 percent time payments made to full-time employees.
  • The work performed must be clearly outside the scope of the employee’s regular position.
  • Service time cannot interfere with the employee’s normal full-time position. It is the home unit’s responsibility to ensure that primary work obligations will be fulfilled.
  • Service in excess of 100 percent time is not to be confused with “other duties as assigned.”

Service in excess of a full-time appointment should be temporary and kept to a minimum; total payment is not to be paid until all service has been performed. The policy includes, but is not limited to, overload teaching and Discovery courses.

Guidelines for Service in Excess of 100% Civil Service employees can be found at: Request for Service in Excess of 100%

Processing guidelines for Service in Excess of 100% for Academic employees can be found at: Guidelines for Service in Excess of 100% for Academic Employees

This policy does not apply to Academic employees who are less than full-time. Processing guidelines for lump sums for these employees can be found at: Guidelines for Lump Sum Payments for Less than Full-Time Academic Employees

Questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Office of Academic Human Resources (217) 333-6747.