Exemption From Tuition and Fees for Graduate Student Assistants

With two exceptions, assistants who have a tuition and fee waiver will be billed for tuition and fees if they resign before completing three-fourths of the academic term of service.

By action of the Board of Trustees, February 21, 1962, and amended by their action on September 18, 1974, the General Rules of the University state:

For waiver assessment purposes, a graduate assistantship appointment must require service for not less than three-fourths of the academic term, defined as the period between the first day of class and the last day of final examinations. Specific dates marking the end of the three-fourths of the term shall be established by the Chancellor or his designee on each campus.

Students who resign their assistantship appointments before working for at least three-fourths of the term, will be assessed tuition and fees unless they withdraw from the University on or before the last day of the assistantship appointment, or complete all degree requirements for graduation within seven calendar days of the resignation.

Under this ruling of the University, three-fourths of a term for the Urbana-Champaign Campus is defined as the first 91 days during fall and spring semesters, and 41 days during the summer term. For teaching assistants only, an appointment for at least 21 days in part one of summer term (four-week part of summer term) will be considered to be a waiver-generating appointment.

Further questions concerning this policy should be directed to the Graduate College Fellowship Office, (217) 333-0036.