Flexible Work Schedules

Unit supervisors are responsible for setting employees’ schedules based on operational needs. Employees may request flextime schedules in variance to the normal schedule subject to approval by the unit head. The decision to permit flextime scheduling is to be made by the department head based on operational requirements. In many areas, flextime scheduling will not be feasible.

In determining alternate schedules, unit supervisors should consider the following:

  • Minimum staff, as defined by supervisors, must be maintained during the official campus business hours.
  • Conflicts in choice of individual schedules will be resolved by the supervisor. The requirements of the department will take precedence over individual preferences.
  • Employees must continue to work their defined work day, either 8 or 7.5 hours per day, and workweek, either 40 or 37.5 hours per week (unless an exception is approved by the Associate Vice President for Administration and Human Resources).
  • Any changes in schedules must be approved by the employee’s supervisor. For those employees who are represented by unions, the appropriate collective bargaining agreement should be referred to for specific procedures related to schedule changes, including any advance notice.
  • Full-time employees must have a lunch break of at least ½ hour (see Policy & Rules, Nonacademic, Rule 4.04).
  • Rest periods are a normal part of the work schedule and cannot be accumulated or be included as a basis for a flextime work schedule.

Further questions on policy or other aspects of flextime should be directed to the Labor and Employee Relations section of the Staff Human Resources Office, (217) 333-3101.