Reassignment (Lateral Transfer)

Nonacademic employees may obtain a reassignment to another campus position of the same classification and salary.

Nonacademic employees desiring a reassignment to another position and department without a change in classification or salary (commonly called a lateral transfer) may request their names be placed on the appropriate list maintained in the Staff Human Resources Office. Employees are encouraged to discuss reassignment requests with their supervisors. However, departmental approval prior to referral action is not required.

As in the case of any movement of employees between jobs on the campus, persons who are being reassigned should give a minimum of two weeks notice to their current employing units. It is highly recommended that affected supervisors and/or departments work together to establish a mutually acceptable starting date for any reassignment.

In accordance with existing policy, individuals who laterally transfer experience no change in terms of anniversary date, probationary period status or salary.

The Staff Human Resources Office, Employment Services, (217) 333-3101, is available to assist employees, supervisors, and departments in implementing this policy.