Trial Lateral Reassignment for Staff Employees

A trial lateral reassignment may be considered when:

  1. a unit has determined that an employee can no longer productively contribute to the unit either because the job is a poor skills fit or because of incompatibility between the employee and others in the unit; or
  2. a unit anticipates staff reductions due to loss of funding or changes in programs and the unit encourages affected employees to seek other positions through lateral transfer (see Permanent Layoff Policy in the Campus Administrative Manual to determine if layoff should be appropriate action).

A trial lateral reassignment can only occur when there is mutual agreement between the employing unit and another unit to accept the employee as a lateral reassignment. In cases where an employee independently seeks a lateral transfer, he/she must be on the transfer register for his/her class and such a transfer will be handled in accordance with normal employment policies.

Trial Lateral Reassignment Procedures

Trial lateral reassignment is intended to alleviate layoff activity and disruption among campus units or to assist a unit in finding suitable placement for employees who no longer productively contribute to their unit’s goals. In such cases, other campus units may be contacted to consider accepting an employee as a lateral transfer. The Staff Human Resources Office will work with units to help create and structure jobs and expedite the process. The employee’s current unit and the receiving unit will be allowed to negotiate a trial lateral reassignment period of up to six months. During this trial period, the employee’s performance will be evaluated (see Attachment I) to determine whether a permanent placement is feasible.

The employee’s current unit must

  1. sign an agreement that the employee may be returned during the negotiated trial placement period; and
  2. keep his/her position vacant during the trial placement period.

In the event that the receiving unit determines the employee cannot perform the duties and responsibilities of the position, the employee can be returned to the unit from which he/she transferred. The receiving unit must provide the previous unit at least two weeks notice before returning the employee.

Funding Process

If a unit accepts an employee under the trial lateral reassignment provision of this policy, that unit will be fully responsible for funding the position to which the employee transfers. However, other funding strategies may be agreed upon by the current and receiving units.

Employee Responsibility

An employee placed in a trial position is expected to fully cooperate in this effort. Such responsibility includes training or retraining if such is deemed necessary for the fulfillment of position needs. Failure to do so may constitute grounds for disciplinary action.

Placement Procedures

Procedures to implement a trial lateral placement are the same as for filling any vacancy.

Further questions concerning this policy statement should be directed to Employment Services, Staff Human Resources Office, (217) 333-3109.

See Attachment I – Trial Lateral Reassignment Program for Staff Employees at the Urbana-Champaign Campus.