Departmental Classification Program

This document explains the program and contains guidelines for its use.

Classification authority for lower level office support classes was authorized for campus departments July 1, 1979 by Staff Human Resources and the State Universities Civil Service System. The Departmental Classification Program allows unit heads, or their designees, to classify specific positions within the assigned units. Classification decisions are made at the departmental level, but the individual transactions are monitored, reviewed, and approved by Staff Human Resources classification analysts for compliance with program guidelines. In 2000, the program was expanded to include classifications outside the general clerical series. Participation in the Departmental Classification Program is offered as an alternative to the typical process of Staff Human Resources conducting the audit. Participation in the program is optional.

The program limits classification authority to the following clerical/secretarial classes:

  • Clerical Assistant, Clerk, Chief Clerk, Staff Clerk
  • Accounting Clerk, Account Technician I, II
  • Office Support Assistant, Office Support Associate, Office Support Specialist, Office Manager
  • Library Series
  • Bookstore Clerk I, II
  • Cashier I, II, III
  • Food Service Cashier
  • Medical Radiographer I, II
  • Mailing Equipment Operator/Expeditor I, II, III
  • Animal Imaging Technologist I, II, III
  • Veterinary Technician Series (including Specialties)
Responsibilities of User Departments
The designated classifier for the unit must attend an orientation session conducted by a Staff Human Resources classification analyst prior to any Departmental Classification Program activity. Criteria, procedures, and forms will be explained at that time.
An organizational chart in sufficient detail to identify all clerical/secretarial and related positions which require supervisory or administrative support must be submitted to Staff Human Resources prior to any program activity.
The designated classifier must annually review and certify the accuracy of all transactions made under the program.
Responsibilities of Staff Human Resources
Individual departmental transactions will be monitored by the Staff Human Resources Office to ensure that classification standards are maintained among all units on campus.
A minimum of one-fourth of all positions classified under the program will be audited annually by Staff Human Resources Office analysts to verify the appropriateness of classifications.

Further questions concerning the Departmental Classification Program and departmental participation should be directed to Staff Human Resources Office, Classification and Salary Administration, (217) 333-2136.