Lump Sum Payments for Civil Service Employees

Units may hire additional staff to perform work of a limited duration in accordance with policies outlined in this directive.

From time to time, units have the need for Civil Service staff to perform an additional assignment in excess of their normal work schedule, which is of limited duration. Current status employees or persons hired as Extra Help can be used for such work. If the individual is a current status employee, the rate of pay is determined by the employee’s overtime eligibility and the classification of the work performed. If the individual is employed as Extra Help, the Extra Help classification and job duties determine the rate of pay.

When an additional assignment is performed by current employees it is reported and paid through a Transaction. The manner in which this procedure is applied will depend on whether the employee is eligible for overtime within the rules as stated in Policy 6, Rule 6.01 and Rule 6.04 , of Policy and Rules for Civil Service Staff. The additional assignment guidelines are as follows:

  • Prior written approval is required for all additional assignments for all Civil Service employees.
  • The work performed must be clearly outside the scope of the employee’s regular position.
  • Additional assignments cannot interfere with the employee’s normal status position. It is the home unit’s responsibility to ensure that primary work obligations will be fulfilled.
  • These assignments are temporary and should be kept to a minimum.

Eligible for Overtime (Non-exempt)

  1. Regular ClassificationIf the additional work is within the employee’s current classification, it should be reported and paid at the employee’s current salary with the appropriate overtime premium, if required. The overtime premium is required when an employee works over seven and one half (7.5) or eight (8) hours in a day, depending on the employee’s classification or thirty-seven and one half or forty hours in a work week.
  2. Special Assignment Not Covered By Employee’s Regular ClassificationThe department should contact the Classification and Salary Administration, Staff Human Resources, for the correct classification and rate of pay prior to the time the assignment is to be completed. Normally, a brief e-mail outlining tasks to be performed will be sufficient to obtain this information; however, if the work to be performed is of an emergent nature, the employing department may contact Classification and Salary Administration by telephone at (217) 333-2136 to provide this information.

For 100% time employees where overtime is involved and where the rate of pay is different from the regular appointment rate of pay, the time and one-half premium will apply to the specific rate being paid during overtime hours.

Not Eligible for Overtime (Exempt)

Employees who are not eligible for overtime will receive the rate which is appropriate for the special assignment. The correct classification and pay rate may be obtained by contacting Classification and Salary Administration as described above.

Further questions concerning this procedure should be directed to the Classification and Salary Administration, Staff Human Resources, (217) 333-2136.

The guidelines and request for Lump Sum Payments for Civil Service Employees can be found at: Lump Sum Guidelines for Civil Service.

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