Release of Employment Information About Non-Academic Employees

Department offices may not release employment information about nonacademic employees, subject to certain exceptions, but should refer requests to the Staff Human Resources Office.

Employment information about nonacademic employees will be released by the Staff Human Resources Office to individual employees who wish to see their own personnel file, to the employee’s immediate supervisor, and to prospective employers within the following restrictions. Departmental offices are not authorized to release this information, but should refer all requests to the Staff Human Resources Office. Release of payroll information for nonacademic employees will be made in accordance with the comprehensive statement, “Release Of Payroll Information For Employees Of The University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign” (Release of Payroll Information for Employees in the Campus Administrative Manual).

Access to Non-academic Personnel Records

Every employee has access to his or her own personnel file which is maintained in the Staff Human Resources Office. This should normally be done in the presence of a member of the Staff Human Resources Office staff in order to insure the security of the information. The employee’s immediate supervisor may have access to the file as may a potential supervisor who is considering the individual for another position within the University. When the employee, his or her supervisor, or a potential supervisor wishes to examine the contents of the record, this must be done at the Staff Human Resources Office as no record will be removed from the building without the consent of the Director.

Employment Information On Former Non-academic Employees

Employment data to prospective employers will be provided by the Staff Human Resources Office and will be limited to dates of employment, classification and whether the University would rehire. This limitation would not apply to staff members who are contacted directly for this purpose and are specifically listed as references by the former employee.

Salary information and performance appraisals will not be released by departments without the affected individual’s consent in order to protect the individual’s right to privacy.

Further questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Staff Human Resources Office Records section at (217) 333-2143.