Recruitment Advertising for Non Academic Positions

This directive contains general guidelines for advertising nonacademic positions.

When a department wishes to advertise Civil Service positions, a preliminary review should be conducted with the Staff Human Resources Office Employment Section. This is necessary to ensure that the University is in conformance with Equal Employment Opportunity criteria and the open and continuous testing policies prescribed by the State Universities Civil Service System.

Hiring units should submit drafts of advertising copy to the Staff Human Resources Office Employment Section for review of conformance with EEO criteria and for accurate representation of qualifications necessary for the position. Normally, the costs for such advertising are borne by the requesting department, unless the Staff Human Resources Office determines that such advertising is necessary to insure a sufficient number of referable candidates. Personnel staff will assist units in determining appropriate recruitment sources and establishing a deadline for closing the recruitment.

Normally, the advertisement should direct applicants to respond to the responsible Personnel Officer, who will review qualifications for admission to the Civil Service examination. When applicants do respond directly to the hiring unit, it is necessary that the credentials of all applicants be forwarded to Staff Human Resources to ensure that no qualified applicants are screened out by hiring units. When questions arise concerning the qualifications of applicants, Staff Human Resources staff will consult with the hiring unit.

Early notification of an anticipated vacancy is recommended in order to enable Staff Human Resources to facilitate the search for a qualified individual as well as to ensure that proper screening procedures are observed.

Further questions concerning this policy statement should be directed to the Staff Human Resources Office, (217) 333-3101.