Pets and Animals

Law enforcement service dogs and service animals for persons with disabilities are exempt from these requirements.

  1. All dogs must be leashed and under the control of an individual. All dogs which are unleashed, or unattended if leashed, on University property may be impounded. Dogs participating in approved events such as shows and exhibitions may be exempt from this requirement during the time of their participation.
  2. Dogs on a leash and under the control of an individual are permitted on University grounds. A dog trailing a leash that is not restrained by an individual, or one tied to a fixed object, is not considered to be under the control of an individual.
  3. The owner or person in control of a dog shall promptly remove any fecal matter deposited on University property, and provide for the proper disposal of this material.
  4. Except for animals in use in University laboratories or in veterinary clinics for official research, classroom, or observation purposes, dogs and other animals are not permitted within University-owned or leased buildings. Any unauthorized animals found within a University-owned or leased building may be impounded. Single family residential properties owned by the University are exempt from this requirement.
  5. The owner upon the payment in full of all costs incurred as a result of the impoundment, including any veterinary expenses, may reclaim impounded animals. The Champaign County Humane Society, 1911 East Main Street, Urbana, IL is the agency designated by the University for pick-up and impoundment of animals found in University buildings or on the campus.
  6. The owners of impounded animals with identification or registration tags will be notified when possible. Owners of animals that are without means of identification may inquire at the Public Safety Building for information regarding impoundments.
  7. Illinois state regulations require the owners or managers of public food service establishments to exclude animals from such premises. When animals are found in a food service area, they will be removed and possibly impounded.

Those persons who wish to report a loose or unattended animal or those who wish to inquire about an animal that may have been impounded should call the University Police at (217) 333-1216. Persons with questions regarding the implementation of this policy should contact the Executive Director of the Division of Public Safety, (217) 333-1216.